More sporadic in the gifting with Christmas and end of year thank you’s complete. Taking more of a conscious approach to life in generally with thought and intent behind decisions made. As we near the mid point of our never finished build we have the opportunity for a fresh start with our ‘stuff’ and a starting point to refine living and how we consume.

Personally I have a pretty strong sense of what my style is and over the years the curated selections of items to adorn my spaces are coherent with each retained with reason. The goal – to refine this selection across my home and influencing my family to also be more aware of the things that they ‘need’ and how to consciously consume.


NOBODY DENIM Vita Skirt / You know how much I love my Melbourne Denim Queens at Nobody. The perfect rinses, fits and home grown. Midi denim skirt to add into the rotation.

DIPTYQUE CANDLES / Mecca Cosmetica. In the mix with a never ending love for fragrance and candles. If not to burn all at once as to have my house look like the fateful scene in Romeo & Juliet but to just adorn the space sans flame.

ARK JOURNAL / Print will never be dead to me. As an image creator it pains me to be viewing mostly on our phone screens and is why I started the blog 9 years ago to know high res still exists and to be pushed beyond the false success of a 1080 x 1080 masterpiece. Print – bringing imagery alive.

  • Cereal Magazine, RUM, Russh, Unconditional Magazine, Kinfolk a few of many others on the shelves.

LOEWE / After finally committing to my decision of tan to sit along side her monochrome friends The Puzzle was the only right choice. Beautifully handcrafted and positioned brand that is an ‘It’ on Merit and not due to en masses ‘Influencing’ – Loewe hold her own.

WESTMAN ATELIER / Mecca Cosmetica. My friends at Mecca forever keeping me informed in the beauty department and I could not be happier that this came my way. Gucci Westman’s Clean beauty ethos with makeup not masking but becoming a second skin to enhance what exists. The Blush is creamy and pigmented to create a natural cheek. The foundation is up next for me to get my hands on and I have high hopes.