When first introduced to these products by the MECCA team I had heard amazing things but had not delved into the world of Susanne Kaufmann entirely and what a world I had missed.

A holistic skin care range was originally developed for her spa in Bezau, an Alpine town in Austria. The spa set in an incredible location with the morals and basis of the brand represented here.

Susanne Kaufmann is more than the name of our brand. It is the name of the woman behind the brand, a brand she founded firmly on the same principles she espouses in life and the rest of her work: a belief in the power of nature, in the importance of quality, and a commitment to sustainability.


Susanne Kaufmann grew up in the Bregenzerwald, a picturesque valley nestled in the Austrian Alps. After taking over the family hotel at the age of 23, she set about creating a modern wellness destination rooted in the power of nature. In order to offer signature beauty treatments with a high-end, spa-level, efficacious, natural beauty range to her guest, she needed to create such a range herself. With a commitment to harnessing all the natural power found in the plant life of the surrounding Bregenzerwald she launched the Susanne Kaufmann™ natural product line in 2003.

From a personal perspective I have been using the Cleansing Gel, Enzyme Peel and the Nutrient concentrate skin smoothing serum. I have used and have other enzyme peels and this is beautiful. Gives skin a little tingle but feels so fresh when removed. Doesn’t tighten and feel dry. I follow with the serum which is as it states super concentrated and you only need a small amount. My skin drinks it all up. I follow with my Sunday Riley JUNO oil. 

Skin feels clean and I have had a lot less Milia since starting this routine as its simple yet nourishes my skin as needed and doesn’t over do it. 

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