The always alluring City of Paris. Never an after thought and when you finally arrive its everything and more. The 23 or so hour travel time and expectation of a flight in comfort makes our European adventures often once a year if that so the itinerary is carefully curated and thought out, it has to be to cover and experience the list of saved locations you have been longing to explore.

With each new visit there are all new ways to be a Parisian. Stay in a different area, follow a more local route of wining and dining or play hard tourist with land marks and churches high on the agenda.

No matter the way she is explored each time offers a new experience and for this Melbourne girl who lives by a less is more style philosophy and black is always a good option and longs for more frequent opportunity to feel Parisian I will fully immerse myself in any moment of time we have here.

This trip – the second for me. Our way to stay was via Hotel Bachaumont in Le Marias.I find it hard to guide on where to stay as each part offers something special and you stay and then play all over the beautiful city.  I do recommend a croissant for breakfast daily but justified by the six hours of walking. A camera card full of seemingly endless photo opportunities the proof of kms crossed.

PARIS, France 2017. Photography by Erin Maxwell