Wether or not your wardrobe is filled with what you dream of or your house in planning is expected (by yourself) to like my Pinterest board the things you save and mood boards you make are steps in the process of placing your style.

I think style is innate and although differs from person to person those who choose to listen and be clear find it.

Consistency and reoccurring saves without a theme,  wish lists on Net-A-Porter with items all talking to each other and being able to all be a team in outfits, saving inspiration for a kitchen and the page looks like RUM Magazine. Listening to what draws you in. What makes you save, pin and get that feeling inside that wows you. Surround yourself and be covered in things you love. A styled life not forced but just by going with the voice and feels that are sitting naturally within.

A decision to be more conscious about the choices you make and have some rules about how to keep it all wrapped up and in your personal style zone. Blocking out the noise and don’t follow but make your own call.