We take so much care and thought in the environments in which we live and more and more consideration for the ingredients and products we place within it.

The decision on the spritz on completion of the process. Dressed and done. Walking out the door before deciding on the signature that will link that day and those moments to the scent I select.

Our brain in pre deposed to create a memory based on an element of scent, sound and emotions. The power of scent for our lifestyle and a brand and story which compliments both elements.

Shall we agree that a decision to indulge in a locally designed and made product is one that we should consider more often than not?

I confess that I share my moments with many a fragrance but hold certain brands and notes closer than others and have the favourites on rotation. Mihan Aromatics – welcome to the club.



Familial scents that rise to occasion. A strategic underlining for all matter of characters.

Aromas that conjure heartache, hubris and harmony.

– Mihan Aromatics