Leaving the hustle and stimulation of Parisian streets we head toward some serenity toward Le Barn nestled in the Rambouillet Forest.

The journey through the French Countryside by no means a end to a venture but it’s own moment with it’s beauty offering everything you hope it will be giving a glimpse of the impending destination’s charm.

Arriving at Le Barn gives an immediate sense of calm with the misty cold air at dusk providing the perfect backdrop for the experience of this picturesque hotel in the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse Regional Natural Park.

A horse lovers paradise whether you admire these beautiful animals from afar or take advantage of the opportunities this property offers the rolling hills and paddocks can be explored and appreciated by bike or just sitting (in our case) by the fire with a cocktail.


Moulin de Brétigny
Commune de Bonnelles 78830

The essence of this incredible property


BY ERIN MAXWELL / Captured in November 2019.