The question I asked myself was am I going to float along or do we swim? After a year of designing, waiting, changing my mind, finding the time and mostly for a day like today to come that I let go of what ever it is that makes me hold back and just did it.

So here it is – The Maxwell Note and a more formal place of business and tailored creative site      Creative / Note.

My Notes are all the pieces of a lifestyle and for me all of them relate to each other and have a consistent style and tone. All brought together through imagery to tell daily stories and have some meaningful and thoughtful conversations.

LIFE /STYLE – houses pieces such as this. The substance pieces, monthly journal pieces and of course any Style and Fashion related content.

TRAVEL , BEAUTY and LIVING all self explanitory and STORIES all of my editorial photography stories across fashion and kids style.

STUDIO – Creative / Note. The business end. Client work, Creative Folio and services list.  Another Instagram – @creative.note with Studio, business and Client related content.(because I can keep up so well with the one I have now I added another!  Still all the same over at @ejmaxwell.)

I might go back to the start as it’s quite a bit different to when I launched my blog the first time. Back in 2010/2011 I felt like I had something to say and something to give out loud, to strangers and friends a like. Sharing a love for style and photography all consolidated on a site called Love Shop Share.

A re-launch of what I have been doing for almost a decade with the former but now with a clearer more accurate presentation of who I now am and over the years now a defined representation of my best. At times as I am sure this echos a lot of people in a similar position with a blog / journal / site do we re-launch at all? Are people reading blogs anymore?  The intention when starting my blog back in 2010 was that I loved to write and take photos and I owned the voice that I was using under no restraint or direction. My thoughts and an opportunity to create what I liked and that I was doing so because I was proud of what I could do. You also own this unlike the soon to come beast of Social Media.

Pre Instagram we just had blogs. No intention at the start for them to make money and for any other reason than that I wanted to stay connected and have my own avenue to still be writing, talking fashion and creating after leaving my job to be a Mum and it was to have nothing to do with becoming a Mum or the discussions around that. I feel really fortunate that I started when I did and was a part of the first wave of people in this new publishing era and even though its not innovative to have a blog or be a ‘content creator’ you have to lift and be the best version you can and move with the tide.

Over time because I am still here and working in the industry after 9 years that I maybe I had done something right? Maybe it was just good timing.

I was stubborn in the fact I knew what I wanted to put out there and what I was going to be keeping private and that is ok. You have a game plan and some stick and you know what is out of bounds. The lines are drawn.

If there is one thing I know and why I want to dust off and keep going is that it makes me me. I have many hats to wear and though they all might seem like different voices and purposes and don’t intertwine publicly it all comes back to me. As a Mum, as a supportive wife, a woman and still making room for the head to be clear to find my true self in there to tap into a passion and love for what I am lucky enough to have made into a career. It’s made me better in all areas. My perfect mix that although chaotic and not always balanced but consistent and when I change the hat the other hat looks on proud of who is under the other.

Wether we have been talking and sharing together since 2010 or just last week, welcome back or welcome for the first time. I am sharing and putting myself and my work out there just like anyone else and if not just for me to appreciate and be proud of what I can achieve then also to be with all of you that are too. It’s a mutual frame of mind that their style, their struggles , their loves were similar to your own and its a part of the notes you take for life.

So we float or we pick up and swim.