My first visit to Tasmania was earlier this year and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Almost in their own little world and sometimes forgotten when deciding which state you are having the next gataway – this all pressumed until you get there and realise their own little world is blissfully going along just fine.

Hobart had a very cool Melbourne vibe about it with so much history and beautiful Heritage buildings. A quiet confidence with lots of new eateries and bars popping up with the streets and harbour resembling more of a country town than a bustling big city. Very unassuming and completely at ease.


We stayed in converted Mill apartment right near Salamanca Place which is home to the famous Saturday morning Markets. Sandstone warehouses lining the street with cafes and bars at your disposal. Between the harbour, Salamanca Place and further North into the city you will have too many choices of where you will wine and Dine. After a shout out to locals on Social Media I had an influx of recommendations. Born in Brunswick had overwhelming support and we saw why when we arrived. Owned by the lovely Con Vailas ex Masterchef contestant who is brought his piece of Melbourne to North Hobart. I had the fig and coconut porridge and it was unbelievable.

We then made our way to the world famous MONA. We hired a car as we did some road tripping and the next destination explains that but you can get the ferry from Brooke street pier and ride in the ‘Posh Pit’ VIP with some bubbles. Arrive in style. Mona is a bit off centre and by most part Nick and I were a bit torn to wether some of it was art but thats the beauty of it all that you take whatever it is you like from it and admire and note the rest. No one really knows whats going on so The guided tour ‘The O‘ with an option to listen to ‘Art Wank’ which gives a short speel on what you are suppose to be looking at or ‘Gonzo’ for a more personal sitting with mates discussing the art and to really break it down ‘Ideas’ keeps it really simple. Everything about MONA is great. Head to the site and read the Intro and how the information is relayed and you will understand why its so loved. We lunched here and it was delicious.

Back in town we explored where I would live if I could in Hobart. Battery Point and Sandy Bay. The most sought after area in Hobart. Winding little streets with cute Maritime cottages among the laneways and then mansions and the Toorak of Hobart. If the weather permits have a walk around the streets and coffee on Hampden Road.

Our last stop was dinner and drinks which lets be honest is the best part of the dining experience. After many recommendations we booked in at Frank, A south American influenced dining. Not to be missed.

As a first timer in Hobart we didn’t get enough time here. In the question of Hobart vs Launceston my heart is in this very cool and upcoming town much like my own with its carefree and welcoming vibe. Go and See Tassie!


Solo Pasta and Pizza

Urban Greek


The Glass House

Small Fry

Room for a Pony

Story Bar and Old Wharf Restuarant at MacQ01


We stayed at Gibson’s Mill Apartments. The team will give you an extensive food guide which had all of the local recommendations on it that I received from the amazing people on Instagram.

Avalon Retreats




Next up….. Road trip to Pumphouse Point.