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[twocol_one]h[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]I am between houses as you know and the usual pressure I put on to have a house from a magazine (or pinterest) is about to have the anti upped. Almost ready for the buy and then comes full force inspo boards, planning and actually being able to lock down where I sit in the style stakes. I can safely say that if I were to have anything it would be a warehouse/loft preferably in NYC but for now we keep it home grown for reality sake. Since we are coast side rather than inner suburbs its pretty unlikely that such a situation will come forth so I will plan to build a house pretending it has these fabulous urban qualities. I of course have to mention (in case you haven’t noticed) that Scandinavian styling in all of its monochrome goodness with a touch of heritage/edwardian also filters through. So plenty of concrete is on the agenda, brick work, white errything and amazing wood and marble details. I wonder how far someone that knows what they want and sourced images can take you or do you call in the professionals? – Inner control freak screaming the answer. I guess bloggers are stylists and if you can do your own makeup and you are a sucker for some product you are a beauty expert right? so fake it til you make it!

For now I will keep dreaming and Inspo boards on my office wall or Mac screen is as far as we are at with actual decisions. I will leave you with what I am shopping for while I wish I was in these homes and deck out the office/studio to resemble such spaces. All in good time.


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