By most part I am practical in choices of clothing and adopt a French girl , quality over quantity approach on style. Within that I have build ,over the years a capsule wardrobe that season after season keeps giving with new fashion investments (Nick debates my usage of the term, as investments make money and that an Ellery blazer does not do so however by making better choices I didn’t buy three and thus made money with my cost per wear – invested!) . At the core there are quality staples and basics that bring everything together. Denim and tees are forever a staple in life and the recommended dose is at least 4 of both in various washes, colors and fit. This is not a new revelation but the always luring High street and fast fashion temptation of having as much and all that you can because its affordable blurs your vision.

The rule above like everything on here is across the board in my life not just from a fashion perspective. I have 4 wardrobes to keep in check and obviously the investment phase is not applicable for a 7,5 or 2 year old as they grow and its gone (or gets shared around the gang as we borrow from the boys) and is it also slightly obnoxious to deck them out in head to toe Gucci, even if you can?

Enter quality.

Uniqlo as we know do denim, Japanese style which is quality like no other. Cashmere, wool and tees same deal. Kids wear clothes like we all want too where comfort is the key objective but of course I say style is a factor too. My kids live in denim and I am not going to deny their comfort. Leggings are happening this winter in a big way (again another conversation in the love for so a mix between works. Layering is the key.

Can you tell I long for Autumn/Winter?

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Milla wears Uniqlo Stretch denim | Uniqlo blouse | Uniqlo stretch rib tee

Story by Erin Maxwell. Gull and Palms snapped by Milla Maxwell.