Some Monday feelings via elle decor it, stockholm streetstyle,pinterest

Home coming along and my creative space coming together so I will eventually get some shots up soon. Interiors have always been a love of mine but I admired through pinterest and on mostly swedish design blog and never fancied myself as a decorator. I guess thats the beauty in it as well as fashion that you take what you love and make it your own. We built a beach house last year and to be honest it did my head in a little with all of the choices and big calls I had to make on the whole build. We are getting around to decor at the moment with final touches being put on hold as I decided to work on our home in Melbourne. This project is a reno and I know exactly what I want and where I am going and the best part its my space to decorate and style just the way I want which is a bit like my fashion – simple, classic and scandinavian esq with black,white and grey the main players. More to come.

Its Nick’s birthday tomorrow so thinking of him I added his mantra and quote he has lived by from the start of his football career ‘focus on what you can control’. Don’t worry about anyone else as you can’t control them and it takes time and energy away from yourself being your best. Just do your thing and do it well.