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All white looks are so chic and have such a classy element. They are also sometimes hard to carry and a little high maintenance with fake tan, bronzer and life. White options in styles you love are also not forgiving with lines and bumps her black sister hides white couldn’t care less. These two will bring you to the white side with a little ease if you skipped a few barre classes over xmas and ate too much everything. Loose, soft and long the shirt dress that can be used to layer and tuck in any situation.

Side note – I went shopping today for a party outfit for my besties 30th in the heat wave that hit Melbourne (clever) and didn’t get anything…..its tomorrow! This has truly defined that I am an online shopping queen but actually going to the store proves less convenient. One last chance in the morning pre pampering and primping. I think I may have a few things laying around (literally as I am renovating my upstairs area). Time will tell!