I am not one to shy away from the color palette of black and white but just like in my wardrobe you need some neutral tones and textures to bring you from too much monochrome. Denim, blush tones and greys are the mixers for clothes and accessories so in the home grey linen bedding, wood and of course greenery in the form of succulents, cacti and foliage. On the note of succulents and plant families I have been building mine last week and it has been a big job. I will post all of the how to and where to go to get what you need. Pots that don’t fit the plastic Bunnings pot, the perfect pot in the wrong color…. I sorted this shit right out. I also decided that there is always room in a room for a plant. They are the perfect space filler and make it look so loved.

Ok so Linen bedding has me at hello and back to what I was talking about to start the post was that the white waffle cover is always a winner but to add some interest and texture don’t be afraid to get your grey, navy and even blush on in the bedding. I got an amazing set from Zara Home the other week and LOVE. Also Adairs have a stonewash collection that I have in kids rooms, our room on a rotation between others.

This applies to window coverings and the use of marble on table tops and through the decorating. The add on to the basic monochrome base as much or as little as you want.

When I get a second I have the next post in the wardrobe building series with the black blazer up next in the line up. Even at 29 weeks pregnant I can keep wearing as I do not get a pregnant belly on my arms or back so we remain in a good position for an open blazer.

Enough lusting over Scandi Interior and off too work on my own haven so I can get some pics up….. it will happen I promise.

Images Via 55 Kvadrat