Before its done you underestimate the power of organisation. It changes the game.




To give a bit of background my wardrobe prior to my upstairs revamp for years was.. lets say not ideal. The space among other things had too much shelving that left me in a constant state of folding. We (as in my brother with me pointing and offering my unwanted help) ripped and revamped, got double hangs in and made the space ready for stage two. Not everyone can or needs to revamp the entire wardrobes makings but I can guarantee we all need a bit of stage two advice.

Stage two – being totally ruthless and honest about what you do and don’t need to put back in is my specialty and as my friends and family and ebay and tictail customers know all too well I am sometimes too out with the old. I am a tidy person but not OCD kinda tidy but my next piece of info will fill that void and bring the perfect amount of OCD into your life. Enter Courtney from Edit by Wilde. The gorgeous Courtney works on the process Keep, Edit, Fix. The clothes came out, we assessed, edited and she put all of the good back in and left me feeling cleansed and refreshed with every hanger facing in the same direction and jeans folded and organised in washes and styles. The Edit pile is being felt with later at our massive clothes party and a few pieces being loaded onto my store too. The second opinion was exactly what I needed to get things out and also see what was needed to come back in to fill the gaps in your wardrobe bought with the money you will make when you sell the goods, one womans trash is another ones treasure right?

Its actually amazing how having your spaces at home in order makes you feel ready to start new chapters in your life. Getting deep I know but after doing all of this I promise the clothes hidden away and the out of shape undies and bras stuffed in the drawer represent more than just space wasting. A tick for me from Miss Wilde was this ‘out of wardrobe’ wardrobe. Holding all of the favourite pieces and the next days wears to stay organised and also the fact that its a part of your decor it keeps you on track in your new organised life.

Courtney is Sydney based but is making her way to help everyone she can so Melbourne sisters rejoice. You can check her and all of her info out here. LSS loves Edit by Wilde.


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