[twocol_one]tad10[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Sometimes simple is all you need for an impact…sometimes it looks unfinished. I find when I search inspo and see homes like theses I have faith in the simple system when it comes to home style with not the color palette but more so the stuff you put in and around. The scandi stylists have it sorted with white bases and the approach of less is more making studio apartments look much larger than they are no need for masses of furniture.

Must add linen, books and mags to style, candlesticks and fancy objects placed neatly on cupboards and window ledges. Framed art in gallery style layouts, green leafy plants and succulents and keep the colors muted. Dont forget the splash of gold or a metal and of course some tan leather, which is what is on my hit list now in cushion or chair form…. keep you posted.

In other news I have a new site and new categories to come for all things LSS . I started this crazy blogging journey when I was about to have Milla almost 6 years ago and I have lets say grown up a little since then and the landscape has changed – a lot! So in an effort to offer something more and have some kind of individuality whilst still doing what I started doing (flat lays and mags and computers on beds circa 2010) I will shoot my home, my stuff, my mini’s and style the shit out of life. I am coming with it all but I am also a crazy control freak and perfectionist so the pressure on myself for the images and content to be right is extending the process. Better done well if I am going to do it all so watch this space.  [/twocol_one_last]



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Images via Stadshem .Photographed by Jonas Berg