inthesac3 A color that clearly gets passed my allergies is pink or in this case more prescisely, musk. When everything else is tonal and black and white dominate the space a touch of pink is less pretty and takes an edgy and strong proposition. I had searched for the perfect shade for dressing the boudoir and with a prercusite of linen I as per usual had a narrow search ahead…. but ‘My name is Erin Maxwell and I’m a online-aholic’ it would be a crime for me to kick this addiction as I am really good at it. My search took me to the fabulous In The Sac linen – they are the business. A sheet set was in my sights as I have about 5 covers on rotation and I do fancy a little bit of mix and match action with all of my linen and this musk color the pep in my white, grey (and hunting a good black) linen collection.

I am ‘content creating’ like a crazy person over here and deciding on a few moves for my little relaunch. Do I add some mini action? I dress my bebes the same way I do myself and their rooms and things in them are an extension of my other living areas. I will reintroduce myself to you all as almost 6 years since starting this little venture I have changed and well lets say grown up and my style is well and truly locked in. Same site and angle just taking my whole life and styling the shit out of it so you may as well (if you care to look) be shopping and pepping up life with me. As a Gemini (celebrating my birthday this week) my decision making process is not my strong point and I battle my pro and cons and some other fine points but its coming.