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When you color code your publications and make them art. This is in our lounge room and I need the perfect chair of either black or tan leather properties to sit in the corner of this space. The butterfly chairs seem like a plan but I saw some amazing belted and strapped chairs in ironically one of the hundred lifestyle mags and cant remember where to find…..so I start the hunt. I have not forgotten the frame post but I don’t want to shoot my gallery wall until my couch cover comes because quite frankly the one I have at the moment is not doing it for me nor is my rug. If you saw my Insta last weekend you would have seen my mums insanely perfect rug that I am considering very hard. Its 50% off – stop it and its from Harvey Norman so you are bound to get one.

So Mags as decorating items – why not? What else are we to do with them other than flat lay with them and pull out (gasp) or photocopy our favourite editorials and type to use for mood boards. I am still a massive advocate for the fashion ‘bibles’ even with the influx of material with have free access to everyday they are the best of the best and did after all set the bar of our digital aspirations. I don’t descriminate however and welcome lifestyle, interiors, travel and occasionally cooking but more for the imagery than anything as being a Masterchef is not in my sights.  I stack, display and even use them as bag and shoe shelves too and will keep snapping and showing all of my ‘categories’ of reading material.

I am spring cleaning over here and getting a real and updated ABOUT section so you can feel my vibe as my circa 2010 situation and ambition was a little bit different than it is now. Content has grown up, my house got nicer, my camera and I are better friends as we have had a few years to get to know each other and I know what makes me feel something and inspires me so I best be doing for you what others create for me. So no outfit street style posts over here (still) but I will share awesome fashion in my own way and just as I was doing 5 years ago Ill flat lay and mood board my way along. Do I post kids stuff or not? Do I share what I would like to read or follow the crowd? You cant please everyone so I guess I will keep creating what pleases me and see what happens.

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Shelves are all IKEA. God bless IKEA and even more so when you deliver to my door so I don’t go in store for some storage baskets and leave with a couch, a rug and 10 rolls of wrapping paper so I don’t have to come back. I do love your displays and clever ideas which make me reorganise my entire pantry through envy so we may see each other just as often.

Handy person which in my case is Nicks dad Dougie and he curses me for targeting him as my handyman I am sure. After these shelves ‘while you are here’ two more shelves in bedrooms, curtain rod and really quickly change my wardrobe handles….cursing me.

A justification to buy subscriptions to at least four publications so you have plenty of material. They do double as decorative items and the inspo you get from them especially lifestyle and interior mags save you money on a decorator and when you subscribe you save like 40% so you are being thrifty – done and done.