[twocol_one]I wear them everyday and if not jeans everyday then denim of some description because its the wardrobes best ever staple. Denim in all forms can be premium or if you are in for a fling basic denim varieties add cheap thrills as well. So do you treat yours like your Louis Vuitton scarf or like your Calvins with a wash a wear? I will lay it out so you can decide wether you abide by the denim care guide or you cant deal with the lack of laundering.


Don’t…. Apparently. Chucking your skinnies in the dark load every time you wear is a big no no. It breaks down the fibre and ruins your wash but I doubt you never spill, go out, have kids or just flat out cant deal with the idea that your jeans are a month and counting with almost daily wear and still getting a fold rather than a wash. My premium denim gets loved and worn just as much as my cheapie Asos and Topshop go-to pairs as you paid the dollars for them you have to wear them.  Most of the time I am spot cleaning but there are times when a wash calls so when you choose to wash you can opt for a gentle hand wash with products specially formulated for denim like Tangent or a denim refresher spray from Mr Black. You can also wash with vinegar in cold water and let soak for an hour then lay flay to dry. There is also the good old shower steam refresh where you simply hang them in the hot steamy bathroom and for a pep up.

If you love and live in black and want to keep them that way the less wash the better and if you spend to get good quality denim you wont need the wash and dryer (gasp) to shrink them back into size and shape. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Now that you know how to care what do we buy?  I mix my mix is high and low with a few high street brands passing the years of trials with Asos Ridley and Topshops MOTO jamie top favourites but a score of other brands at Asos giving options. A great way to buy into a trend is with these high street brands so if you want to flare or frayed crop that wont be staples or go the distance get a cheap thrill. As denim is your ultimate staple the key is finding your fit and brand that works for you. I have a booty/three kids so body is under construction right now and I pray for her to come back as soon as I move my ass and stop eating ice cream……I only blame myself! I have to high waist as I cant stand bending down and knowing that under my layers my crack is hanging out. I also feel a skinny leg with a tiny bit of movement and length at the bottom looks better with a heel and a bit of distress and knee rip action gives you some flair. But as I said each to their own (body type). I have done some research so , my best jeans in my denim obsessed life so far are:

BLACK SKINNIES  my Rag & Bone’s and Maria High rise by JBrand.

BOYFRIENDS Bassike universal jean

BLUE DISTRESSED SKINNIES Rag & Bone and Nobody denim

TREND 3X1 crop fringe


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