I know you have used, heard of or loved the famous Eight Hour cream. Its on top make-up artists lists and a daily in collections all over the world. An all rounder, multi use favourite that allows you to choose how best it works for you and have it as a staple. My use – moisturising lip balm, recovery cream and taming and finishing brows and have had it in the game for years. With a pedigree like this a complete range was always sure to follow and kick as many goals and I introduce you to the new kid on the block – Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating mist. Like her big sister an all rounder that allows you to add it in where you see fit as a daily step in the routine or on the go as an hydration booster.

My accessible products are always the ones I consistently use, obviously. Out of sight out of mind.

Let me count the ways of a day of Eight Hour Mist.



Where you best and favourites are selected to get you through the trip. Careful selection needed due to restrictions so a multi use product is such a clever choice. My main concern when flying is hydration and looking flat(you do have a sleep and thats never a good upon waking up) so a spray to freshen up a cleansed face does wonders. Good things come in small packages right? Carry on.


My handbag is a treasure trove of things (I should actually do more #bagspills as I keep the tried and tested in here and clever beauty must haves always lay in the depths of the bag). Much like my phone and my keys the handbag is an attachment and the contents within are dragged into meetings, pickups, coffee dates and everything in between so I know when something makes it way here its a keeper.


Elizabeth Arden 8 hour range and the new Miracle Hydrating Mist is available now at David Jones. Make sure you check the Elizabeth Arden site for a full debrief on the products and all of their superpowers within.