[twocol_one]When I think about it I realise that diamonds are very high up on my list list. All of the most amazing moments have a relation back to them – My Engagement, Wedding, Two babies, 30th and possibly baby three (you cant leave one out especially the third in case they already get a complex about being in the very ‘relaxed’ side of life!). I also bought my self some diamond studs just because which is where we need to discuss. Diamonds have been tainted into being somewhat out of reach and almost something to show off where you are at as a lifestyle standpoint. The bigger the better, the more you have…well the more you have. Seen to be somewhat out of reach and that you can only aquire if someone is putting a ring on it or has endless bank accounts.  I see them differently.

Lets bring them back to being an accessory and a piece of our style and fashionable lives. By the looks of life or pretend life in squares on Insta Chanel seems to have become as accessable and affordable as Asos but if its not from Bali or dodgy rip off internet sites (which I question often) the option to splash the cash is open. Unlike a Chanel Boy diamonds do not have a rrp and as best friends they do indeed last forever, are flawed and in all shapes and sizes to be your match. I love me a designer bag don’t get a sista wrong and do regularly ‘invest’ in such wares but my sentimental gift of choice are diamonds and guess what? They are unlike anyone elses. The reason I bring bags into the picture is that the going rate of a designer bag that you buy yourself or get as a gift is the same as a diamond band or even a pair of studs. Shout yourself some bling instead of another bag and rethink the diamond game.   [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]As in many things the bigger the budget the bigger the item but as we all know you have options to change cut,size and clarity or have a half diamond band instead of full. If you want to play in the fashion space still when investing in your pieces but don’t feel the pull of the mass department store esq diamond stores with all name and brand behind the purchase and while I am sure they are amazing diamonds you will not get what you pay for. Gracing the pages of Vogue and fashion publications I met with the team at Paul Bram last week to chat diamonds and start planning my next band of love. I had my three bands and engagement ring cleaned and re-dipped (as I stupidly didn’t have them set in platinum) and It was like they had just come out of the cabinet.Loving myself sick wearing them around. I took home a few to test out and have coloured stones in my sights with sapphires and diamonds having me at hello.

My diamond style is much like my other fashion and jewellery choices simple and classic and I do love a metal contrast with yellow golds and white golds being mixed together all the time but I keep my diamonds all set in white gold/platinum if I’m smart.  The next addition will be similar to one of my others and I will wear her over on the other hand along side my Cartier love ring as everyday, never taking these off accessories which for me is a very savvy ‘cost per wear’ investment.

Don’t be scared of diamonds or going in to shop for some. Have a budget and see what you can create. They will not date, be last season and each one is unique which these days is hard to come across. As we all love options you will be sorted with a size, shape and colour to suit you and your wallet. Do it! [/twocol_one_last]





All Diamonds from Paul Bram