Denim is a daily occurrence as much as coffee and sitting on my computer. Unless you have been living under a rock or outside a burb that is yet to get the NBN (don’t get me started on the speed of our old internet) you will be aware that jeans are having a bit of a new moment with all different cuts and styles becoming the hero in your look. For me its not the piece of denim itself as I like to keep it simple and opt for a great rinse, fit and ability to wear them with (most) all of the other pieces in my wardrobe. Its what you do with this soul mate that makes them work hard. A straight leg, mid blue wash with a shirt/blouse/ and loafers is where its at with fine layered jewellery.

As I do with my clothing I love a bit of layered jewellery. It’s undone yet adds a bit of pep and personality to your style. I had the pleasure of going through the New collection with Mimco and selecting my hero styles and came across some beautiful elements to elevate denim. My favourite has to be the tortoise shell and gold pieces. The natural coloring against the gold lends them to be casual with a tee and skinny jeans but chic enough to shine their own light. Still delicate. Still subtle.

The next are fine chain pieces with a simple tag or shape to catch the eye. Easily worn with every piece of clothing you have and make each one a little bit more styled.


 Falkirk Cuff | Big Bang Wrist  | Mi-Clan Strand | Falkirk Stud

#Collaboration with Mimco