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Interiors are one of those things that need a lot of decisions. I know what I like with metals in the mix with copper being the metal of the moment and the usual suspects of concrete, marble, white, white and white. In all of its Scandinavian glory the above makes me add some sort of steel goodness into our plans and I am set on a warehouse/loft flava. As we hunt for a home gone are the days that an old warehouse is around, the hidden Gem leaving us about 10 years late on having any chance of finding hidden (bargain) gems anywhere. We continue.

To test the waters in the elements I will be living with I fill my studio/space with plenty of he above. A girls gotta make sure she makes the right choice and does her research so I collect things I will take forth and decorate. I also need to pretend I live exactly as my control freak mind is envisioning and do the best I can to make my space as fab as I can. Wire baskets, Posters, Marble slabs, concrete planters, linen bed sheets or the good old white waffle and plenty of gold,copper and silver for some fancy flair. Lets break it down.

MARBLE – West Elm Side Table and Another  | Country Road | Shopbop| Minimalist

METALS – Domayne | Design Stuff and these Brass pots | Zakkia

POSTERS – Norsu | The minimalist store | Etsy | Society 6 (Ruben Ireland my top pick) | Playtype


Image –  Freshhome | Denis Krasikov (Architect)