[twocol_one]Lets talk charcoal. One of those things that you can imagine being used hundreds of years ago and very ‘of the earth’ so we are feeling good about being natural and chemical free. When I first read about this in particular brushing your teeth with it the thought of having black stone in my mouth may not have been enticing but you gotta try things out to have an opinion. So whats the big reason for us to be turning to charcoal? She is a clean freak. Absorbs toxins and grime and brings it to the surface so you feel a clean like no other. It makes complete sense to be using to get out teeth white and bright then. If I think of my skin I know that what lies beneath is a bit scary especially if you have been under the purple light of truth at your skin clinic (be afraid as no type of filter is fixing that situation) so the idea that having a product to draw the impurities out of the pores and let me wipe them away is welcomed with open arms. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]I was recently introduced to an Australian made product by Eight Brook , The mask draws out the gunk by a unique oxygenated foam that leaves the skin with a plump glow. The key is having activated charcoal and in this case coconut infused with caviar lime and lemon peel as some of the added extras – fancy!.  I am a regular with oxygen facials that leave my skin so hydrated and the fine lines are no more. When my skin is at its worst I am dehydrated and every expression you make bring a new line which is not ideal. I have been using this for the past week for as I said earlier you must try before you have an opinion and my skin feels so smooth, fresh and clean which I love! I am a secret lover of seeing dirt and makeup on my face washer and am not satisfied until its all off. I am also easily convinced that something is working if its foaming or changing texture as if its working hard and not just sitting on the surface. [/twocol_one_last]


Learn more about the CHARCOAL DETEXIFYING MASK Eight Brook and this new and innovative Australian company that will soon be on everyones beauty radar.

*advertorial with Eight Brook