Just the name makes you want to be involved. MIMBOSS has arrived at their brand new Chadstone store and adding a new level to you Mimco must haves. The rose gold embossed passport holder had me at hello and to change it up and really stamp my Boss I went with a single M instead of my usual initial layout. As I have mentioned before Acne pink (or salmon) gets past the monchrome and black and white gates and I may have to add this Beauty from The Luggage Professionals (more on this soon) to my travel story. This tote would also fit in well in the rose gold story if you must.

We are hitting Port Douglas later this year and then Europe next year so I have plans starting and guides to read to map up where we will hit. I am looking the part thats for sure now to sort out how we play!

PASSPORT WALLET Mimco | TRAVEL GUIDES Cereal and wallpaper guide