With Fathers Day on the way I need to get the gifting in place as my Dad and my baby Daddy Nick are those whom need one or two of things but once they reach that a gift idea is gone. How many wallets, watches, Tshirts and books can one guy need right?! As my babes are little other than the seriously amazing cards and drawings you get for occasions I step in and help with the presents to thank Dad for being Dad.

I am the same in this case and never buy fragrance for myself. Its almost reserved for gift options and if like me again you like to have a few on rotation for different moods and seasons we just have to make our choice.

This week I was sent over this John Varvatos scent and it ticks the boxes. The Varvatos brand is all about edgy cool and with Varvatos having priors Ralph Lauren and then at Calvin Klein being the force who gave us the boxer brief made famous of course by Mark Wahlberg in THOSE ads. I myself thank him for giving guys an option to not be in something that resemble a speedo. His range of Cons will tell you the story in their distressed and relaxed cool way. Now New York based with his stores and brand we happily take on these elements when the MR is wearing the scent.

I am as you know about the packaging when making a choice in the sea of scents so it doubles as a bedside element and I can have the Mr’s side looking the goods and as though we live in a magazine. Its edgy and the woody undertones make it sophisticated and perfect for the man in your life. If the bottle wasn’t enough!



JOHN VARVATOS Dark Rebel Fragrance Available at David Jones.