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[threecol_one]We know how much I love a good jean and to be honest they are what make me crave for the cooler weather. When I think about it why are the obsessions not equally spread over all of those in the denim family? Of late the denim up top has been happing more than Kim wears bodycon and becoming the something in the wardrobe that will do the rounds with all others – except my blue jeans and the shirt. The Canadian Tux is a trend that I can not pull off. Maybe because I was born in the 80’s it feels too reminisent of a time where even undies were made of denim. Too far? [/threecol_one] [threecol_one]My three go to styles are my oversized American Apparel, my distressed Topshop and the fitted Willow peplum. All in a mid blue rinse and they are about to be met with either the Frame or Jbrand sister, just for kicks.

I note – which I do not take you for a fool that if you want it oversized shop on the dark side in the mens section. They will be boxy and give you the length you desire. This is of course if you cant shop the perfect ladies oversized variety as they may give you a slightly nicer shape.  [/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Each to their own.

Tonight is the Myer S/S show in Sydney which I cant wait for and start taking notes of whats getting the wardrobe come Spring. As I have been quite loud and proud about loving the chill with clothing choices as per above give me more options than when I am sweating and always wearing denim shorts. I have to note the feeling that sunshine brings does make up for it…a little. Spring I will ok you but Summer you are yet to impress me. We do have a pool at the new house so this may help?[/threecol_one_last]


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