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[threecol_two]s2[/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]Leather is one of those things that can bring a bit of sexy cool to any look. Same feelings for the humble blazer. The go-to, the fall back boy, the I tried but I am not trying esq situation happen when the above are involved. Enter LXE. The polished, yet effortless ways of the collection can be what you want it to be. Sneakers and split leg pants with a tee or the Ink color leather pants with hot heels and a blazer. All this shot on a beauty like Scherri and it is a win.

Being pretty is great and I know quite a few people in this crazy fashion world that are great to look at but lack in personality and when they do speak you wish they hadn’t. Is Snapchat having this effect on anyone else? It’s like watching The Bachelor , you will never get that time back but you keep watching even though your brain is begging you not too. (I urge you to check out the hilarious recap on the episodes by Rosie Waterland its too funny). Back to topic and bottom like was that this babe is a refreshing contradiction to be seen and not heard. All round beauty and deserves big things.

I am quite drawn to a new brand as for obvious reasons that you have to start somewhere and and unless you have priors as a reality TV star, or from fashion royalty (or social) the build starts with the brand story and an organic black and white view that if its good and original then you wait to see her grow. It’s premium materials and brand philosophy will allow you all to discover rather than have it bombard you with every blogger in Australia roaming the streets getting self papped and tagging it in all over Instagram.  Take note and mark my words that LXE is one to watch and the leather pants need to be in your life.  [/threecol_one_last]









All Product LXE

Shot at Eclat Studios (our studio and more to come on this space)

Production and Photo tech – Jesse Hayes

Super styling assistant Wendy Grace