deskss[twocol_one]deskss4[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Sharing the secrets of having an office space pretty enough to take a photo of. The biggest tip is to actually have an office space worthy of a photo. Its very easy these days to live your reality through lenses and thus in turn share to world in our social squares. If it fits in the frame who cares whats outside that right? Well its a bit like taking average photos and relying on photoshop or a filter. Start with best and end up with the best. Even if its just a little area with a desk and thats your zone to deck out and own then do it. I decided one day that I was going to rip up the carpet in the upstairs area and take over the bedroom and now office/studio with floorboards (thanks to my brother for the cheap/free labour) and repainted the walls. I hate painting.

You have the space sorted so we decide about what the hell you are going to deck it out with. I always have fashion in mind when choosing the things on the desk. Books, Swing tags, Jewellery. I clearly like white and keeping it on the Scandi side of life in its minimal look. Just because you choose Gold vases and marble accents doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to have this style as you are allowed to mix it up with whatever you are feeling. I love photography the people that inspire me are the creatives so to keep me interested editorial shoots and fashion bibles are never far from reach. Candles are also always in sight.

Dried/dead/old flowers are actually a purposeful styling tool and I did not take them from the stinky vase downstairs to fill my perfect gold Harklo for the picture. There is something undone about a dried flower and much like how I prefer fashion I guess to be a little rough around the edges, simple with a tough vibe.  Going against the ‘bloom in the handbag’ image on Instagram (am I the only one who does not put wet, freshly cut flowers in my bag?) Anyway, we move /scroll on. [/twocol_one_last]



GOLD CLIPS Hay (Amazing brand) | SKULL typo |


MINIMALIST / SCANDI STORES – The Minimalist | Harklo | West Elm | Simple Form | Neutral Instinct | Design Stuff | Norsu

FASHION AND PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKS – Cereal Magazine | Porter | Louis Vuitton City Guides | Carine Roitfeld | Olsen Twins anything| Tom Ford| Lisa Messenger (feel like you can do it all)

CANDLES – Tom Dixon | Maison D’Amore | Diptyque | Le Labo | Byredo | Grace & James

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