I do have a lot of ‘stuff’ or more so a very carefully curated selection of pieces that decorate my life. I have a love for personality in my interiors (and in my people) and spaces that looked loved in because they are lived in. Piles of book and mags, inspo boards, cut outs, plants a plenty and of course posters and art. I think thats the draw to Scandi and French style. Its full, its got personality and as much as some may say its cluttered its an art to get all this stuff you find along your way in life and make it all tie in together and become apart of your style. Your Brand.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the ‘Style and Success’ evening at Hardy Brothers in the city with some fab woman including host Lisa Messenger to chat about just that. I of course can speak underwater when I am comfortable and have the right topic at hand so this was up my alley, wether or not my first public speaking moment hit home I am not sure but I have said it before I am more like Sia and probably do my best work from behind a lens or on paper. Strength right?!

Anyway the main questions I had asked were about brand and how to ‘make it’ in this digital world. My answers (probably better expressed here)

Our brand – wether you have a business or just doing life, know where you are at. Do you like monochrome or bright plashes of color? Are you Boho or classic? Once you figure out your main ‘personality’ you can start to build your look. I am not saying you cant wear red if you like monochrome but these are called peps and and used to inject a trend or splash of something new into the situation.


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I have not studied interiors or have a degree in styling but I do know my brand and have spent years building on it from my wardrobe to my spaces. I guess I am a working example of practice what you preach. There is a lot of noise out there and lots of fabulous people inspiring you from all different styling positions so how do you know what place you will sit? Jump online and browse. Asos is a good one as you are purely shopping from a style perspective so your eye will go to what is of interests rather than say over at Net-A-Porter where brands and price have an impact of wether you click or not. Never rocked floral grandma chic until Gucci said so! Check out your viewed items below and you shall see a pattern, or in my case zero patterns and a sea of black, white, grey and denim.  As I said this is not set in stone that because you like loud prints and florals you cant rock all an all black tailored look but it helps a lot when you want to hone in and sort out your life. Shop better, follow, like and engage better on socials and get the edit from people that you can bring into reality so your house and wardrobe is as good as a pinterest board. Why not?!

How do you make it? Sort the above out, know who you are, what makes you feel good and inspired every day. Follow people you admire not screen shot and secret share to your friend when they post a picture of a pineapple floating in a pool. Live what you are sharing and saving. Dreaming of the perfect #workspacegoals then get a new desk and a corner in your house thats your zone if thats the only thing you can afford to change its a start. The better your reality, the better your online life will be. Sharing your actual bed that you styled and made (or unmade as I like it) is a part of your life.


I am so not a motivator and this is very self help of me but I am just telling you what I live and breathe. If you love it and your think you are nailing it then go with it. You can’t please everyone so I make sure I impress myself first and if it passes these strict and control freak tests and I share the shot it doesn’t really matter who clicks like or not and if they don’t then they must not have seen it! right?!

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