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[twocol_one]Interior lusting as I dream of whats next to come. A new house, move overseas, renovate some more and stay put?I know that our vacay will be as close as I will get to being a New Yorker for a while but hey who knows who we might meet- If you are out there holla back! Melbourne is such a perfect city especially that we have almost ended the best week of the year with the Spring Racing carnival and all of the Christmas parties are coming closer but I can’t help getting lost in Euro summers and Scandinavian real estate websites and think ‘Is the grass always greener?’ I am prepared to take that chance to find out. Reality as it seems may see us here for a little while longer so its Tumblr and Stadshem all the way for me.boo hoo. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]I will keep up the reno here with a trip to IKEA in between my fancy week of racing and drinking cocktails to tend to the floordrobe at home and get a new rack set up to start planning and packing for our trip which is a post on its own and I will of course share what makes the NYC cut. I will remember my mantra of Buy less, Choose better and may not (as in most likely will) bring back the second case.  Back to the topic of home. I am obsessed with string lights and mine will get their home as soon as I learn (or get my brother/workhorse/handyman) to plaster screw yet another 6 holes in the wall. Again I stress if you are a Gemini do not redecorate on your own as there are only so many walls to put holes in and change your mind on placement – poster anyone?  [/twocol_one_last]

Images via Stadshem