[threecol_one]Is there anything better than when your skin is on?! You are instantly so healthy, well rested and just seemingly glowing. Ironically my glow was during pregnancy so what you have heard seems to reign true. Even if it feels like a lot longer it is an 9ish month situation and I fear my inner radiance will diminish along with my zzz’s and hormone changes.  There is light and hope for me yet as my girls at Clinica-Lase were sorting me out over the past year and altering peels and products with every hair flick and attitude that this diva skin through at them so I can rest on the fact that they were my pregnancy glow which works for me because we can be seeing each other without a due date. I had my first appointment with the girls sans pregnancy and I needed the pep up. [/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]emz3[/threecol_two_last]

Apparently if you don’t sleep, breastfeed,are dehydrated for a few weeks oh and give birth to a child your skin pays. I had a mango infused peel and a good go of the Aspect Enzyme mask which is todays little secret for you. Dead, old, dry skin makes you look as dull as an unpainted fingernail and while i was making new life my face was stockpiling old life/skin. How glamorous I know! This little gem cleans the slate so all of the vitamins and goodness of the treatments can actually penetrate and give you some glow. I am a fan.


Clinica-Lase Carlton does all my skin treatments and you stock the Aespect peel. I highly recommend getting an Oxygen facial – weekly if one can as its the business. I got my lips involved last time and they were so hydrated and plump.