[twocol_one]knot1[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]As we have seen before I am very much a top knot kinda girl in a purposeful kind of way of course. Even when its freshly blow dried and clean I just love a knot. On a shoot we did a little while ago our hair genius Angie mixed up this obsession to avoid being a one trick pony. A note to this is I have a lot less hair than Pascale which meant my knot ends up being a little tighter however never forget that hair extensions are your friend and can add instant balayage as well. Did I hear you say all rounder?

All starts with a pony tail and then start twisting and making a knot. Depending on the hair length and thickness you can work the hair around the knot. Secure with bobby pins and tuck any layers that are falling out in as much as you can so the knot is tight. I prefer this style with balayage or a lighter hair color just to be able to see the variations in color but if you are all dark I am sure its nice and shiny and healthy from the lack of bleach on it which is in your favour for a finished look. Spray on hairspray. Add shine spray and you are out.

Perfect style for the summer and if you think the old top knot gets too much of a run.