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[twocol_one]Happy New Year! I know I am technically a day late from the official work kick off but better late than never right? So 2015 , a new year with new dreams, resolutions and big promises. I have always been a new year, new beginnings kinda gal as its the perfect chance to pep back up from the year before and all the promises you made to yourself that are yet to be done. I am guilty of having big dreams and sometimes having too many big plans at once and end up not doing them all so I am starting with one promise at a time. Bring it!

With christmas done and dusted and hopefully you came away with something you have been lusting after all year. I added to my never too full jewellery collection with a few pieces from our trip to New York (that promise I made to you of the tour of NYC is coming) I discovered some amazing local talent as I love a new kid on block even if its just on my block and they are well known in their own hood If I haven’t seen it all over instagram on the ‘go-to’ bloggers and it girls its classed as new. My collection is separated in two parts – silver and white gold and then team yellow and rose gold just to keep decision making easy as we know thats my weakness and any extra time spent on my way out the door is precious as I am most likely already late (things to improve in 2015 number 23).

I am a firm believer in saving for the best things in my philosophy of ‘Buy less,choose well’ as they pay you back with the time they last and the fact that you love yourself sick when you are wearing them which I believe is what jewellery is suppose to do. Each piece has a story and when you can receive them as gifts with the wish list being left on the computer, or emailed to your loves or tell your bestie/mum/partner/dog that you love it – all about the subtlety. Even better than a gift from someone else is a gift to yourself as a pat on the back for doing something awesome which if you are like me obviously happens all the time (said with slight sarcasm) maybe best to spread the purchases out. My favourite things to wear are fine stack rings and have been doing so for a while. There is something very sexy about fine jewellery when there is a hint of a chain on your neck under your shirt or fine finer tip rings mailed with a statement cuff.  [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

 – My Top loves to save for –

BALENCIAGA Bow Cuff and Ring

CELINE  knot bracelet (keep an eye out here too if you are lucky)

Maison Martin Margiela

SAINT LAURENT Monogramme cuff

HERMES H bracelet

– New kids on my block –

Another Feather 

Alex + Ernest

J Hannah Jewellery

– Individuals – 

Ford + Harris


Estelle Deve


Fine Lovers

Sarah & Sebastian

Louise Jean

Petite Grand