When you have a capsule wardrobe when you add in a statement piece or something out of the norm for you you can be sure that you are making a whole lot of new outfits. By capsule I mean you have your staples sorted of denim, black,white and grey varieties which all work together and then you add in your ‘pep pieces’ for the trends and high street items to fill in. If you are adding in your pep or building your investments today is the day to get to it. Its Sale time and the best type of sale is Black Friday. I am starting at Revolve with this fancy shirt that will be edged up with black midi skirts and leather jackets to avoid looking too pretty – we wouldn’t want that now would we?! As you may have noticed pink is happening and if its of the Acne variety or pale enough to almost be white then I am in. If you rather a stripe you can have that or channeling your 70’s diva you have this option as well. Adding shirts is always easy and always a good idea.



The Kennedy Blouse FREE PEOPLE

Terracotta | Stripe

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Happy shopping!