I sometimes wonder if you can ever get sick of acquiring new shoes. As a simple, classic and understated dresser (in my own words and flattering description of sticking to what I love) I believe a shoe makes even the most simple take a chance to step out of the comfort zone and they always finish the look. I blame my bestie, who has inspired this post as she is currently abroad and a lot closer to Paris than I am and leaves me resorting to city guides and images of other peoples vacations (or in Carin’s case her life). The bestie used to work for a shoe company which lead to an extremely large collection of shoes in OUR wardrobes, whats mine is yours!  I note she will also never see as she doesn’t read the blog but I guess she has the full unedited version and the LSS closet always open for business! Love her.

Someone/probably Nick once said to me ‘why do you need so many shoes, no one looks at your feet?’ Carrie Bradshaw would roll in her tv character grave if she heard such a statement. Shoes are an outfit game changer wether it be your chucks, heeled or flat boots or statement pumps they totally depict the outfit and with a quick change from one to the other breathe new life into a look.

You have the go to pair in black that do what they need to but above all don’t leave you with ‘the burn’ or feels like your you have them on hours after they have been placed back in the box/thrown on the floor-drobe from the night just had. Be fashionable ladies but be smart.No Louboutin pigalle 120’s over here thanks, killer!  Enter these beauties from Mode Collective Hot, so comfy, not black and laces – so on trend!


The Mode Collective – Lace Up Points | My favourite Cereal Magazine