[twocol_one]For years after having makeup artists do my face I was always after the ‘best’ foundation and wonder products that you must have to perfect your skin.Reading magazines and beauty sites with all of the must have products that may or may not have been tried and tested and much like sponsored content and brand ambassadors do they actually swear by it and use it for themselves? Just because its good for someone else it may not be the fit for you, this post included. Skin we lust after and ask what foundation they use or how do we get highlighter that looks like a dewy glow is most of the time placed on skin thats spot free and in most cases helped along by science and pep ups of some sort to start the canvas from the best point it can especially if like me you are not blessed with ‘I just woke up and moisturised and look like I have 13 year old skin’.

So we search wonder products and hope for ‘The One’ to make our dull skin dewy with a splash of foundation and cover spots without a retouch. I do have these wonder products and have found the foundation that works for me and the eyebrow kit that turns mine from being overplucked to supermodel in a few minutes and am not going to lie that you need these things in your life wether you are flawless or not.

I stripped back the regime last year just before I got pregnant to make sure I had everything in order to get the best out of these wonder buys and when I did hunt and lock them down it was on the best base I could offer. First stop was the skin care products that I was using being matched to my skin by someone who knew what she was like and not just because they were in Vogue.  [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]I see the girls at Clinica-lase and even though I don’t get paid to say so I highly recommend you visit if you are in Melbourne (or Ballarat) I have sent a lot of people there just because I have not had skin this good for years so its easy for me and I sleep at night (well not really but I will in 6 months maybe due to other situations) knowing that anyone can make improvements by visiting. I can just tell you from my experience and my skin is a serious diva so they had their hands full but there are lots of clinics around just try and get some diagnostics on the skin before you make the next move.  I don’t think that a product can bring you to skin health on its own if you have not uncovered what lies beneath wether it be damage or whats in the insides but in the same breath keeping it in check makes the treatments worth the $. Dehydration for me when pregnant is an issue but when I am on top of my water intake and not craving and eating chocolate covered almonds I am good.

So a few things that I have been using that have helped my good skin days are:

Cosmedix purity solution – An Oil cleanser for combo skin like mine where I actually think I have dry skin but under the purple light that tells all I am really oily…. oil combats oil. I also love their pure sunscreen. I get Milia and this never blocks my pores.

La Clinica Sunscreen and spot cream – Amazing skin care brand through all ranges. I also smother my babies in the newborn and kids ranges and their previous skin problems are gone. Its a goodie.

Colorescience Primer – Everyday pre mineral makeup. Evens out my skin and gives some staying power without feeling like I have undone the good. I am sensitive so for an everyday solution it works.



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P. S Is there ever too much marble in ones life? Allegra Stone had me at hello! Its born for fruit but will live as whatever the hell I want it too.