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[twocol_one]As an 80’s child denim and leather are in my blood and even though the decade before is being pressed upon us – hard with the 70’s retro flavour but it’s not really floating my boat except for a big trend and calling card to the revival in the Tan leather introduction. There are plenty of things that would be apart of the fashion file that are a part of this that I am discounting I am sure but the tan details creeping in are working a treat in the grey, white and black situation around my home (and wardrobe). As I do in all my interiors fashion focus is how it comes together and my wardrobe style reflects my room. It doesn’t matter what the pantone color of the year is or what interior designers or experts note on what’s in or out but more if you like the way it looks get it involved. Without being interior styling ignorant I do realise that this Scandinavian minimal style is a styling trend with the Strig systems and Morrocan rugs and ottomans loud and proud but I see them and picture walls as staples in my home like my tee’s and jeans.  Taken straight out of Runway Magazine and the mouth of Miranda Priestly that these ‘things’ and my fixation on my minimal and evidently bright color free decor steams from long set trends and styles but my point is that I am sticking with it and wont sway to inject neon all of a sudden. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

So back on topic and talking tan numbers in your home and wardrobe. I struggle with buying investment pieces that are not of the black variety and ‘trend’ colors as I fear I will get over it and not use it as much as I should because we all know black goes the distance. I will start with some home investments and move over to possibly the Gucci Soho Disco bag in tan or another monogram LV which I note will go the distance. A tan leather couch is on my list for our second living area and a butterfly chair in leather could fit nicely covered in Icelandic sheepskin  Where do we shop? Etsy is a treasure trove to add personality to your home without having a car load of IKEA (nothing wrong with that BTW)but you can search through and choose what you feel fits your personality. Love these prints for my impending fourth bedroom and this large ottoman….. just to name a few.



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Tan Leather Chair | Tan Sofa | Grey Felt Basket

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Images 55 Kvadrat