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I know I would have put this item forward a few times before but she has to be officially entered into the staple wardrobe collection as I wear mine basically every day in all different situations. My vibe is a mid wash as I find it the most versatile to take you from AM to PM and a little distressed because aren’t we all a little bit of that? Of course I am inclined to make multiple wash selections as just like my bottom half denim can do no wrong and makes life easy for everyone in the wardrobe stakes.

I have loved and lived in this jacket for a year, give or take and wanted a slightly longer fit and upgrade into some premium denim brands for my investment. The three Current/Elliott options are the same ‘Trucker’ style just in three color options which as ladies we love an option… but as ladies we probably now find a choice hard to make. Rest assured I think all three will withstand your wardrobe tests and I settled on this beauty and she is all that I hoped she would be. A little bit longer and room enough for me to have a blazer underneath and a tee for the ultimate outerwear staple. Its saying something if I like it at 32 weeks pregnant as I am going to be so in love when my guts isn’t the size of a basketball and my ass isn’t doing me any favours either. This sets the point in stone that no matter what your , um cercimstance is a lil bit of denim jacket will go a long way.


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