As a true Melbourne girl with my love of fashion, food and well lets be honest more of the down to earth category of people as compared to other certain states we must celebrate the amazing city we call home. A week of fashion all around the city and the largest consumer fashion event in the country its all about Melbournian’s getting their shop on and experiencing the city more than you have before. The invitation is there so we might as well take it right? Any excuse for a night out?

I have been breaking it down and making a list of what I mark as the must do events and which runways I will be at, sneaking backstage to snap the action and deciding what I can buy once my guts and ass for the matter are no longer double their size. This year I am a digital Advocate along side some great Melbourne fashion creatives to get the action to you from the shows and around the city. I will be on the gram (ejmaxwell) and here and I do dabble in some snapchat action which is mostly of my dogs when I do remember to use it but I have to admit that as the ‘next big thing’ its not changing much for me other than getting to know people I follow on Instagram a little bit more in depth…… the saying ‘be seen and not heard’ reigning true with the selfie brought to life in the form of monotone voice describing in detail what they are doing for the next few hours in the day – all very testing and stressful situations I might add whilst looking back at their face making sure they are very pretty whilst doing so…. I think I need to reassess my following choices. Anyway back to topic and to VAMFF. Don’t sit back and watch from the sidelines, get tickets to the shows featuring your favourite designers and check out the events around the city. Its much better seen and and felt for yourself but when you can get a ticket I will give you the heads up below on who will keep you in the loop without boring monotone selfies involved.



Opening runway presented by David Jones & Vogue Australia – March 7th 6:30 and 8:30

Chadstone Runway – Tickets here

Premium Runway 1 – 8th March

Target and Gaultier show – 9th March 6PM

Grand Showcase Dion Lee – 9:30PM



Tickets can be purchased here and stay up to date about all things VAMFF on the official VAMFF website