[threecol_one]Can we talk about this table wear for a second? Marble an obsession of mine making its way to our table and in my case my desk space for the perfect place for jewellery and my good stuff. Table settings that make you want to have dinner parties or bigger desks to put more of them out. Copper/brass as its seems is 2015’s metal of choice and I am down but just as much as I am with all of them. As I do in my jewellery there is no need to be on just one team. Magazines the same – get them all. I have a new obsession in Porter Magazine to go with everything that is Net-a-porter. Teaching lessons in how to create both digital and print media to set the bar for everyone else. My daily NAP emails are like a mini mag and on my flush through the inbox they do not make it to the trash. [/threecol_one] [threecol_one]The days of print media are absolutely not over and with the influx of digital content and publishers the cream still rises to the top with our bibles showing that taking the best photos, wearing amazing fashion and actually styling beyond what you wear to the coffee shop have the people at the forefront make waves. Its all about being inspired and people gravitate to content and information that can make us both want to be a part of what they are providing and in turn want to be able to provide something as good.  In our social media driven lives there is also the aspirational elements and celebrity endorsements (by celebrity I again mean someone that is doing something extra not just measured by how many followers they have ) making things that would otherwise be beige seem[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last] gold(or copper or silver)  and it comes down to again what makes you double tap, screen shot and then eventually add to your cart. As a creative myself I obviously prefer that to an awkward pose in an alleyway of your #ootd taken in terrible lighting and god forbid unfiltered. A like effort and I when I am reading blogs and digital content I want to be taken away and much like magazines view things that not every Tom, Dick and Harry (*and their dogs) can provide. *Dogs with grams need to be given props where deserved like Toast. If you are not following Toast I suggest you do and in a surprise twist Toast can’t take selfies so his dadda – The Fat jewish brightens days all over the world. A breath of fresh air in an emoji eye rolling life of flowers in handbags insta world. [/threecol_one_last]