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[twocol_one]Yes I am alive! A little bit of vacation time for us in New York which I must say is complete heaven. I may have been mentioning (plotting, annoyingly pushing, dreaming) that the Maxwell team should move here… sooner rather than later. If I am successful you will be the first to know. Whilst here I have been in the hub of fashion and I am proud to say that us Aussies hold out own in the fashion stakes but will give myself a notable leave pass with the temp dropping to around 3 degrees some days which is just insane for this Melbourne girl so jackets and scarves and well pretty much anything that will stop hypothermia (mild hypochondria). I thought coming from the city of four season’s in a day could hold her own here but its testing me! Do not despair as I have some additions you need for the next season including something that should already be there -The humble white shirt.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

The thing with fashion is that we can wear the same things but manage to look so different. I believe it’s a little thing called style. A tuck here and there, some layering or the fit of your favourite basics are what make your look personal to you. This shirt dress, after a tucked away collar and front can hold its own as a shirt.Paired with jeans so the party is at the back and when you change into your leather pants and add a blazer let the tuck be free. The perfect additions to your everyday staples are a belt, of the wide high waisted variety and a hot pair of heels.  I love layering and some length in my under layers is good for me! It has been serving me well in the cold snap I have here but as always doing Melbourne proud in the fashion stakes. [/twocol_one_last]

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