Are you ready for it? Boy bags, Gucci loafers, flares….the it list goes on. Next up – Guitar straps. Not via Fender rather Fendi with detachable straps adorned with everything from flowers to chains and patterns that you all know to be Fendi. The romantic vibes with sheers and lace and bows and frills for Spring 17 added to the drama of the strap. All very colorful and the print clashing was causing my allergies (reaction to color and bright prints) to flare up at the sight of it all but one must feel a little enticed by the thought of a bag offering such options. With this as every big trend and style we see hit the designer collections we get the filter for those of us who cant afford and justify a drobe full of anything more from Louis Vuitton other than the mid price range leather goods and scarves and if like me you are more of a classic and simple kinda investment gal splashing the cash/digits of the card on trend pieces will just not do.

Enter our high street super star Zara. I saw. I loved. I added to cart. With change from a hundred the leather and suede Fendi wanabe was mine. The Navy suede and then the color thats allowing to get through the goalie, pink (of the ACNE studios variety) and a touch of khaki I decided we could have some fun if only just for a day or so because at that price the guilt of cost per wear does not exist. Who knows I may just fall in love……Dear black, we are not over. Navy is your friend and blush pink makes you look tough and edgy against her pretty demeanor. We can work though this.

I am sure we have plenty of options popping up to get straps pimped out from all corners of our screen but for now I have this option or Fendi – both of which will do fine.

[twocol_one]zara2[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] ” Black I still love you, we just have a new friend. She makes you look tough” [/twocol_one_last]


ZARA multi strap bag via Ebay/Euro Zara/Didn’t have time to go in store and check if she is hanging out there.