Forever wanting to wear a stained lip but forever dreading its upkeep through the day/night. Once you commit you have to run with it. Wearing lipstick has such an empowering effect and instantly elevates your look and when worn with a flawless natural base and a lashing of mascara so chic! The choices – So many which is both fabulous to find your shade , texture, wear and brand to suit your life but also a task on its own to tick all the boxes. Many recommendations and must have buys everywhere and then each lip and need is different from the next so how do you filter the information? I personally don’t follow beauty bloggers and have not watched a Youtube tutorial for years but have a select few that share their beauty products used in their daily, not sponsored specifically but giving their props to products they love.

I feel a bit like Vince Vaughn in ‘The Internship’ with his concept a sharing photo’s On – the -line of which the millennials are saying been done and its called Instagram. I get the Beauty blogger thing and the influencers all over the platform but in the sea I only see a few. So my point is choose some great sites and places you get inspiration and tips from and don’t over cloud the process.

I think also trying for yourself is the best way to know whats best for you, obviously. One of my places for the beauty goss is Mecca Cosmetica. I am a forever fan of the brand, the story and the products.  The brand celebrates their 20th birthday this year and if thats not enough of a feat in its self they are growing and becoming better with every year. I have been a loyal customer for as long as I have been buying makeup and proud to call them our own. I have rounded up my Mecca bests and a gifting edit so watch this space.

Back to task. My best lipstick friend right now are these sexy situations from Hourglass. I tried…. and I love! If not just for the packaging and concept – The gold, the refills and the confessions on each stick giving therapy of all sorts but the product itself is amazing. I have been making my way through the entire range and deciding which shades are my favourites and work best on my coloring. They have a creamy consistency that doesn’t leave them feeling dry and have me wanting to lick my lips all day yet not so think and heavy leaving smudges. I am very picky with my products and the repurchase decision happens only on the loves.

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