I am a self confessed beauty junkie. I love products and I would probably say I am the perfect customer and ideal brand consumer. Sell me something with amazing packaging and brand story and I am on board. It will come to no surprise that I am a massive fan of MECCA as a shopping destination but also as a brand and business. Admiring the journey and success of founder Jo Horgan building this unique beauty empire. We are all aware of MECCA the stores but delve into the brand and its story and you will be in awe and find inspiration in an amazing woman in business. Appreciate and get to know the brand you love with their story here .

What am I shopping?

As a regular my cupboard is full of boutique and exclusive products from all over the world thanks to MECCA. If not only for the beautiful brand and packaging but BYREDO is a favourite of mine for their understated yet unique fragrances. Scandinavian style and design lives through the brand.

With a number of their candles in my life the delivery with the newest product in the line up completes me with a BYREDO perfume. The Kabuki Perfume – Inspired by the Japanese theatre and actors with the traditional brush used to apply makeup. A new texture from the usual invisibility of scent and in my case the new Bal d’Afrique. Brava Mr Gorham.

You can get to know the brand and founder Ben Gorham at BYREDO.com and of course over at MECCA. Stop by and read the descriptions of the fragrances, explore the range beyond your favourite candle and read the story. I promise you will better for it and when you have them in your life you understand why its a best seller beyond the scent or cult status of the label.