Photo worthy cutlery much like some of my plates admittedly have their time in lifestyle shots because it would be rude not too. Truth is I like my home the way I shoot it. The undone, lived in spaces with personality and style. Styled mess as it were with my ‘stuff’ placed and loved all over the house. Have a beautiful set of knives and forks then use them daily and fill the drawers with them. Buy books and magazines you love and make you feel and not just making a background for a pretty pic. Burn your candles and re use the jar for makeup brushes, double your crockery as jewellery plates sitting on your desk. Have the nice things on a shelf to admire but have the things hidden in the drawers a part of the story too. My point is don’t live for an Instagram picture but live wether you share or not. It still happened if you don’t.

I know we are talking about cutlery still but its about buying and living with nice things that you do your daily with. It makes you feel good to be sorted and be in a space with nice things every day. So buy the gold servers and these Reform Merchant blackware sets and feel fancy at meal time.

BOOK Eat, Drink, Nap – feeling Soho House when you are not in NYC & Warehouse Spaces

CUTLERY Black flatware set from Reform Merchant

PLATE Salt & Pepper Home