We all know that putting on our face and having the hair in order makes or breaks your mood thus affecting our all over ‘look’. Sort these things out and you will feel and look like a million bucks. When a day/week/month of racing festivities rolls around there needs to be plans involved to make sure either bookings are made with the appropriate people or we have our makeup kit stacked and ready to go. If you can opt for a makeup artist I always recommend doing so even if its at your local Mecca or Department store as these pro’s are pro’s for a reason and as much as you know your own face it is a nice change to the way things are usually done and I don’t know about you but it takes a hell of a lot longer for me to do my own.

If the comfort of your own home and hand is more appealing or you left it too late and have no other option lets make sure you are equipped with the right tools to get the job right.

First up is to ace the base. I am a new lover of everything Charlotte Tilbury and her tutorials make you think you are a pro with her application and seemingly easy how to’s (check her out here). My number one makeup babe Jade Kisnorbo told me about Miss Tilbury from her days as an English rose working fashion weeks and editorial shoots for work. The Wonder Glow does what she says and her hero product the magic cream is also not a poser and delivers. Get the under coat prepped and flawless and you have made a good start. I have been having treatments at Clinica-lase for months and looking after my skin care regime which has helped a lot. I have LED light treatments, do this Aspect enzyme mask and the day before Derby Day I will have an Oxygen facial -highly recommend! If you are yet to do some face prep or are blessed with supermodel skin don’t stress prep and prime with product is for you.

Foundation go to for an event even though it is during the day is Shu Uemera. I love coverage when I have my makeup done so it looks like I have makeup on and I am polished. I am not blessed with flawless skin either but if I was I would still leave the au natural look for the daily grind. If you have a good match of color and don’t over do the bronzer and shimmer you won’t look out of place for a daytime soiree. Other notables would be Makeup forever, Becca and the new YSL.

Brows, lashes and liner. All face framers and game changers. I have been loving and using Benefit and Anastasia brow products but in Charlotte I trust and now use her three in one brow lift and its the bomb. Line eyes and get some kohl liner action but tread carefully and apply before foundation as its a messy game but looks good in the end. If nothing else go and have your lashes applied at your beauty counter/Mac/Napoleon etc. Mine always look better and stay longer if done by someone else. A lifting off lash is almost as bad as taking your shoes off and doing the walk of shame bare foot on the way out of the track…… Note this is my number one don’t do. Burn those balls until you are safely inside a vehicle and feel the heaven of freedom even if for the next few hours you still feel like you are wearing them.

Last note is a finishing spray. I use Colorscience which if bag permitting I take with me to give a refresh if needed.




Prep with good skin care so the base is ace and apply a primer/wonder cream

Match your foundation shade properly so you can have a full coverage to look more ‘done’ but don’t OD on bronzer and highlighter to stay daytime chic.

If you can’t have a pro do the whole face or you just think you have it covered just having lashes applied is always a win if you can sort that out.


Again if you can get into your hair gals a blow wave will do wonders and last the distance. If you DIY make sure you have a good product as base for style hold. My girl Angie @ Body Haircutters starts me early but my limp unruly main loves her for it.

Never have a cupboard without Dry Shampoo spray and powder puff volumising powder. Both with give you air in the hair and you will be feeling like Gisele strutting past the roses at Flemington.  I use Kevin Murphy in both and they never disappoint.

Have someone help with the Millinery or head piece placement and have bobby pins a plenty. Don’t EVER think that you have some lying around as those suckers go missing like socks in my washing machine. The volume powder will help with this as it gives grit to the roots an silky soft hair be gone.


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream (lip gloss perfection) | Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift and Magic Cream | Shu Uemura foundation (David Jones) | Kevin Murphy Powder Puff and Fresh Hair | Nars orgasm blush and Laguna Bronzer | Becca Shimmering Skin perfector


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