[twocol_one]A lot of the time we want something we don’t or can’t have especially when it comes to hair. I love when a celeb or these days a girl on instagram pops up with an amazing color and/or cut and hairdressers everywhere know that they will see this image roll around client after client wanting ‘the Rachael’ , ‘The Victorias Secret’ and scarily ‘The Kim/Leto/Draco’.  Sometimes it works if you have the looks to go with your thick beautiful hair which by most part in reality is probably full of extensions anyway…. which I might add in my opinion the way to roll if need be. On this note I will confess to hair mistakes I have made in the past one of which the hairdresser bleached my hair and it broke off, yes I stuffed it up royally leaving me with no choice but to go dark to pretend there was an inch of health to it and it was then I began my years of hair extensions. Now before I digress too much and start having nightmares about the experience we are talking hair health not death here. [/twocol_one] Enter my hair lover Angie (body haircutters).[twocol_one_last]’Hair health is a process and if you stick to a regime you will notice a difference in the overall texture and growth of your hair. Its so important to understand what type of hair you have before you pick images of what you are after. It can be done but is it the right option? There is no point in trying to be platinum blonde if you have dark fine hair but you can lift the ends or make another way there’.

After all is done I think there is nothing better than healthy hair as a base to whichever cut and color you after after. If you look after your hair it wants to look after you. You will have more chances to change it up and when you want her to be curly, straight or whatever blows it back she won’t frizz and break under the pressure.  [/twocol_one_last]

Stuff You Need

Tangle Teezer | Kevin Murphy products | Inspo from Glossies | Cloud Nine wand (game changer)

Angie THE Hair goddess – Boda Haircutters

Next up from Angie…..How to curl the shorter new do.