[twocol_one]Apparently you are suppose to have locked down your signature fragrance by the time you are 30 but I am not sure thats possible with all of the choices one faces on a daily basis. I got my first ‘real’ fragrance from my Grandma when I was in grade school. It was Tommy Girl. Fittingly the all American girls scent from my American Grandma. A bit of a step up from the Impulse aerosol which was kept tight along side my collection of Lip Smackers – Strawberry Kiwi Comet my lippy of choice. I was the first of my friends to have a perfume which was very fancy of me and every sleep over and movie date it was in the handbag so we all smelt equally as fabulous.

Our senses bring back memories had when smelling or listening to certain songs and fragrance has a powerful way of reminiscing on times had with that scent so I guess its important to link good times with a scent. I am also reminded of my loved ones and know their signature fragrance as well. My mum – Chanel no19 and Opium, my Grandma – Oscar by Oscar DeLa Renta. Unfortunately for my best friend Beyonce’s fragrance and Brittany Spears ‘Curious’ remind me of her because she got 4 bottles of them for her 21st and made good use of it. Her ‘Grown up’ Scent would be Flowerbomb.

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My signature scent I think my loves would say would be Stella as its been on repeat over the years and reminds me of a lot of great times so when its time for a new fragrance she seems to be the one. Other notes would be –  First memories of dating Nick and at the same scent time was graduating high school – Ralph Lauren Romance. Going out (a lot) when we turned 18 – Issey Miyake. Wedding Day – Miss Dior . Having my babies would be Stella.

With all this noted I am  very open to new comers and I do like to mix it up as well. I have two on rotation at the moment – Balmain, and the new B Balenciaga. Obviously feeling the B love.

I finally tried out the much talked about range by Miss Bingle and I am quite impressed. I gave the LB cream a whirl and its a great primer and glow for the base of makeup. I went the darker shade which if we are talking about reminiscing reminds me of the days I used to use Revlon Skinlights when our days were made up of planing the weekends festivities, getting a tan and when fulfilling the weekends festivities, being as brown and glowing as we possibly could. This will not make you a reflective Oompa Loompa but it will smooth you out and look hydrated – a win.