[twocol_one]Having your makeup done by a professional makes you see what your face has the potential to look like when made up to its max. Flawless skin, big lashes and in my case a smokey eye which Jade will agree is my thing. The flip side to looking the goods and loving yourself sick when you take the token selfie or do the last check in the mirror is ‘what do I do when I am solo?’ Addicted to the process and planning out which events are worthy of the time (and effort) to be glammed. I was sent off with a list from the my girl Jade so my kit at home can resemble hers so on the times between the pro I have my own back. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]I just so happened to travel to the beauty haven which a few years ago had Aussie girls making Sephora right up there on the tourism list with The Top Of The Rock and Magnolia Bakery. Now with the exchange rate and all the boring details my spree was not as fun knowing I was not outsmarting anyone by buying everything overseas. We still go back to the mantra of choosing well and I purchased from the pre approved list and kept it under the usually excessive haul. This I add was a great way to shop if you are like me and get sidetracked in situations of choice and the perfectly placed monochrome packaging has you at hello. I also had my main items that we love and adore right here at home with Mecca Doing us proud and the savings on the beauty spree ain’t what they used to be. [/twocol_one_last]

So, what is on the list from the girl that knows products and tools back to front and has had tips from the worlds best?

1. Brushes are everything! Start with good tools. These Sephora brushes came in a kit and were around $65 so this is where I am starting. The other brush I got was Becca ‘The One perfecting brush‘. Other notable brushes are Shu Umura and also from Mecca the Nars Kabuki Set

2. A Primer and highlighters – Laura Mercier ‘Radiance Primer‘ is a dream. We also love Armani Fluid Sheer and Becca ‘Shimmering Skin Perfector’ Keeping the work in place is the hardest part and I have to admit when I cut corners and don’t prep the skin I pay later. Other loves Hourglass ‘Ambient Lighting Powder’ . 

3. Segway in to the final kit must have – The finishing powder. I heart Chanel in every aspect (yet I do not own one… still hurting from missing out on what I want) so the powders and cosmetics fill the void. Other notable finishers are Laura Mercier ‘Invisible Setting powder’ and Shu Uemura ‘Face Architect’

4. A girls gotta have some good palettes as they are the kit all rounders. Eyeshadow options even if like me you stick to what you know. Urban Decay ‘Naked Palette’ is a goodie and NARSissist  Smokey Eye CompactEyebrows need to be cared for too and Benefit ‘Brow-Zing gets the job done.

Happy Primping! Jade has her liners and mascara heroes next to have you covered for the party season.