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[twocol_one]stripegap2[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]I do love a longer top, well actually I never wear fitted t-shirts and most all of my tops are in a longer length. With summer rolling in and winters wardrobe being moved slightly to the back of the wardrobe I wonder about the greater lengths and donning the dress over pants look (in the relaxed street kind of way). I could get used to it. With the in between season dressing aka Melbourne acting all Gemini and not being able to make up her mind on what she wants I can’t bypass the leather jacket and refuse her willingness to get along with everything around her. Soft spot for white lace simplicity with a leather number over your shoulders – chic! Add the stripes and ripped black skinny jeans and you have the perfect rotation pieces. Note that an oversized knit works in this situation as they always seem to do.

All leathers aside and in other news I have been editing like a maniac getting my travel guide up to all of you lucky beauties heading there have some new info, confirming old info and even inspire you to go and check it out for yourself, which I highly recommend. As christmas is fast approaching what would this be if I didn’t add up all of my favourite things and share for not only the one day in December but suitable gifts for anytime of the year, just saying.  Up tomorrow just in time for last minute purchases even if they are a sneaky Merry Christmas to myself kind of deal I won’t judge.

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